Middle Grade Crossover – Dickensian Era

Work in Progress (word count 62,000)

*Grant winner for the 2017 Breakout Novel Intensive with Donald Maass

Inspired by Naomi Canale’s love of the Dickensian era, especially with characters like Miss. Havisham and Pip, comes this unusual dark fairy tale wrapped in a frame narrative. A young boy, Theodore Slawter, must face his greatest fears after first living on the streets, then losing his caretaker, and then sent to live with a relative who unravels the truth of his family and the bloodline they carry.

From Canale’s image board:

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Low Tide by Kriss Lewis,  Photo by: Valentin Perrin


Middle Grade – Contemporary Fantasy

Work in Progress (word count 35,000)

In the vein of Roald Dahl’s The Witches and Goosebumps by R.L. Stine comes the story of a girl who must do everything she can to not only help save a race that’s about to go extinct, but help save her grandfather, Pipo, who’s been kidnapped.

From Canale’s image board:

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Picture Book – Red Freddie

Work in Progress (320 words)

Freddie is just like any other child…except, he turns three shades brighter when he is upset. Will Freddie ever learn how to control his temper?