Middle Grade – Fantasy 

Current Work in Progress


Young Adult – Dickensian Era

On Submission (word count 62,000)

*Grant winner for the 2017 Breakout Novel Intensive with Donald Maass

Inspired by Naomi Canale’s love of the Dickensian era, especially with characters like Miss. Havisham and Pip, comes this unusual dark fairy tale wrapped in a frame narrative. After a life spent living on the streets, Theodore Slawter, discovers a mysterious family member who offers him a ticket into The New World, and a room within her mansion. But when Theodore arrives, he quickly learns who his family is and the monsterous bloodline they carry.

Picture Book – The Piano Man

On Submission (620 words)



Nonfiction – The Lava Lab

On Submission (1,277 words)

STEAM picture book. The Lava Lab takes you inside the world of a Volcanologist, and the funnest part–The Experimental Petrology Lab! This is where magmas are recreated. Kids who have a love for STEAM, especially in the field of Geology, will enjoy following a Volcanologist out into the field and lab.


Flash Fiction – The Symphony

On Submission (100 words)

Fundacion Cesar Egido Serrano International Contest