SCBWI LA – A Recap

SCBWI LA 2011 was an incredibly special year, especially because they just celebrated 40 years. Whoop! Whoop! And with keynote speakers like Judy Blume, David Small, Bruce Coville, Jerry Pinkney, Laurie Halse Anderson, the hilarious Libba Bray, and many more, I left feeling not just a creative spark emerging but literal fireworks!
When I arrived to LA I found my roommates Cyndi Kremsner and Jenny MacKay. 

Then I ran into one of my critique partners Christopher S. Ledbetter whom I’ve never met in person, but already know so well (you definitely get to know a lot about someone when you read their work). And of course the fabulous Ellen Hopkins.

It was great meeting new friends as well. Here are some writer/illustrators I had lunch with and when they pulled their cards/postcards out for me to have, I couldn’t have been more blown away with how much talent attended this conference. 


Here’s another great friend and critique partner, Amy Allgeyer Cook.


And since I’m such a blog fanatic I had to take another picture with Mary Kole. I’ve learned a ton from and feel like she’s been my teacher in a bloggy kind of way.


Bret Ballou from YA Muses and Kristen Crowley Held
Having more lunch with friends Craig Lew and Sarah McGuire.


Here’s the delicious and VERY creative dessert we had.  
Look I’m reading my dessert and oh, it was a darn good read!!

Then to end such a magnificent weekend, I saw these two guys dancing on the tarmac on my way home from LA. It counldn’t have been a more perfect ending.

So if you’ve never been to SCBWI LA, I highly recommend it. You walk away with not only a new way of looking at your work, but inspiration from those who’ve already walked the author path and are extremely happy to help pass that energy and wisdom on to you to make sure you succeed as well. Happy writing and illustrating everyone!

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